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Since our first loaf, Brad’s Bakery Bistro has held to a simple belief: Sharing quality, hand-made bread can be a bridge that brings people together - families, friends, neighbors, and even strangers. While Brad’s Breads began in 2015, the love of baking distinctive artisan bread for neighbors and friends is a family tradition that started over 40 years ago in the Central Valley of California. Brad’s Uncle Bill Bewley developed the original recipe for what would become the trademark offering of Brad’s Breads.


Uncle Bill not only passed down the recipe, but also a love of connecting with neighbors and the community. His homemade breads weren’t for sale. He gave away each loaf to extended family, members of his church, and those in need in the area. That community-centric model is core to Brad’s Breads today. We bake and sell only in Sioux County, Iowa, and we carry on Uncle Bill’s hospitality by often giving loaves to newcomers and those in need. We are also intentional about being present with our community. You can find us downtown at the Orange City Farmer’s Market throughout the summer connecting with our neighbors. And the way we share our bread is unique, too - we always offer the option for delivery to your home.


Just like with Uncle Bill, each of our small-batch loaves is made with the care, consistency and quality that you only get from an artisan baker…or mom. Our controlled baking environment, uniform ingredients weighed to a tenth of an ounce, and a single baker with a love of creating quality breads come together to give you an experience unmatched by other local bakeries. And by departing from a traditional bakery model, we can continue to create distinctive breads, made for you…our community.

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